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Singing the Blue

March 21, 2009

"Manny being Manny,"

Blames "age" for his hammy;

While Scott Boras moved on,

The McCourts' millions are gone,

And Mr. "I'm Back" sits on his fanny.

Dan Anzel

Los Angeles


Manny this, Manny that, Manny in a rare at-bat. Enough already! Don't Times sportswriters have more pertinent stories to pursue? Perhaps save your coverage of Manny for when he completely breaks down or implodes, either of which is likely to occur.

Alan J. Perry

Thousand Oaks


An astonishing thing happened to me today. I finished an entire T.J. Simers column (on Boston's reaction to Manny Ramirez) and actually enjoyed it.

Troy Garrett

Long Beach


I'm beginning to think Jason Schmidt has had Darren Dreifort surgery.

Paul Feinsinger

Agoura Hills

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