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March 21, 2009

I am a longtime Kings fan who has been as frustrated watching this team languish for many years.

Once again, this team will miss the playoffs, but unlike years past there is reason for optimism.

Dean Lombardi has done an excellent job of building this team with some solid goaltending and a blue line that should shine for years to come. If this team can acquire a dynamic goal scorer to play on the top line I feel the rest will fall into place.

Jonathan Davis



How can you expect the Southland to care about our own hockey teams, when the best you can do to announce Martin Brodeur broke the NHL all-time wins record is put three little lines in the bottom corner of the front page?

Kobe scores 30, and it's front and center, as if he just won his seventh MVP. Brodeur breaks one of the hardest records to break in all of sports, and it gets an "Oh yeah, by the way . . ."

How about going back to being a sports page instead of a Lakers/Dodgers/Angels/Bruins/Trojans page?

Tim Landucci

Simi Valley

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