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Hard lessons

March 22, 2009

Re "Schools look overseas to fill educational gap," March 18

I am saddened and shocked -- saddened because it sounds as though the Filipino teachers are entering into indentured servitude to get here, and shocked that the teachers are forced to demand less of their American students than their Filipino students.

They're wasting their time acting as social workers instead of helping to instill self- discipline, a job at which the parents have obviously failed. And to be reprimanded for touching students who were fighting? Please. Are the inmates running these schools?

Gayle Roller

Quail Valley, Calif.


We're recruiting Filipino instructors to teach in our schools because what, there's a shortage of teachers? Give me a break!

My nephew earned a bachelor's degree in special education from Cal Poly Pomona. His credentials are valid and current, but he's repeatedly told there's a hiring freeze. He can't even get an assignment as a substitute teacher.

Do we really need to outsource when we have unemployed teachers right here in our own backyard?

Joe Lopez

Sierra Madre

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