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Stressed Out

The Ties That Unwind

March 23, 2009|Karen Kaplan

They say money can't buy happiness. But financial strain can certainly help undo a relationship.

Seventy percent of Americans said they had so much debt it contributed to distress in their home lives.

Money is the No. 1 source of disagreement in the early years of marriage.

In a survey of 1,001 people, more than half considered money a sensitive topic in their households; 40% admitted they lied to their spouses about how much they spent on something.

The odds of violent behavior are nearly six times higher for people who lose jobs.

The financial strain of job loss reduces overall satisfaction in a relationship.

Job loss can cause depression or other symptoms of poor mental health and affect a spouse's mental health.

Women are more likely to get distressed when husbands lose jobs than vice versa.

Workplace stress can contribute to domestic violence.

After annual household income tops $50,000, there is no correlation between money and happiness.

-- Karen Kaplan


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