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No joking around

March 23, 2009

Re "Tough economy, L.A. traffic, Leno -- one busy day," March 20

In these hard economic times, I want the tenor of the American president to be, at all times, serious and somber. I want to see him behind the presidential seal at least pretending to reprimand those who have pillaged and plundered taxpayers' dollars. I want to see his face hardened and grimaced when he speaks about what has happened here.

I do not want to see him on "The Tonight Show." Yes, it may let him mix with the masses, reminding us that he is still one of us, but doesn't he have more important things to do?

We -- I -- have placed my unending faith in President Obama and believe he is probably one of the most capable problem-solvers of our time. I want to believe that on a Thursday evening, he is refueling to address the seemingly insurmountable issues he must tackle.

Sandra Rayl

Oak Park

I'm a supporter of the president, but I didn't think he would degrade himself with alleged humor at the expense of the mentally disabled.

I have two mentally disabled adult sons, and I took the older one bowling on Saturday mornings for years.

Maybe the president should go bowling with my son and his friends. Maybe then he would keep his jokes to himself.

William Schweppe


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