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Two cities, two views

March 23, 2009

Re "Some in Van Nuys hope to join Sherman Oaks," California Briefing, March 16

I am a resident of the area of Van Nuys that seeks to become part of Sherman Oaks. When we bought our house in 1976, it was in Van Nuys, but about 10 years ago the post office -- and our property tax bills -- started listing the address as Sherman Oaks. Some might think residents are seeking an arbitrary change, whereas many of us just want recognition of the current reality.

Sue Guild

Sherman Oaks


As The Times accurately points out, "Valley secessionists made an unsuccessful bid in 2002 to break from Los Angeles to form their own city." That movement was stifled because the entire city of Los Angeles was entitled to vote -- which killed the secession drive. Don't the rest of the residents of the community of Van Nuys deserve the same entitlement this time around?

Don Schultz

Van Nuys

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