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Train deal takes L.A. forward

March 26, 2009

Re "Taking us for a ride?" Opinion, March 25

In Tim Rutten's column on who will build 100 new cars for L.A.'s light-rail line, he cites President Obama's call for "green" retooling and the need for Angelenos to focus on projects that bring jobs to Los Angeles.

Even a cursory amount of research would reveal that AnsaldoBreda is the only train manufacturer that has legally committed itself to building a manufacturing facility in Los Angeles that will create thousands of green-collar-related jobs, according to the L.A. Economic Development Council, and serve as the catalyst for the CleanTech Corridor.

Moreover, AnsaldoBreda will actually allow Angelenos to keep their taxpayer dollars in Los Angeles to stimulate the local economy -- as opposed to sending the money elsewhere, which is where the trains would otherwise be manufactured, generating jobs funded by the people of Los Angeles but not for the people of Los Angeles.

Fabio Ficano

San Francsico

The writer is director

of government affairs for AnsaldoBreda Inc.

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