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Rabbis and Gaza

March 27, 2009

Re "Rabbis criticized for Gaza stance," March 25

Wow! Israel's army uses rabbis to serve as chaplains. Who could've figured that?

Next we'll be told they minister in Hebrew.

Sounds like a disproportionate praying force versus Gaza Arabs, who probably don't have a single rabbi in their chaplain corps.

Joe Siegman

Los Angeles


To the almost 1,400 Palestinians killed during the winter assault on the Gaza Strip, it really doesn't matter what the military rabbis told the soldiers.

What does matter is that 900 of the Palestinians who were killed were civilians, many of whom were Palestinian children.

Lynn F. Kessler

Sherman Oaks


That Jews, who have been persecuted and vilified throughout history, now take it on themselves to persecute and vilify others is the height of hypocrisy.

To justify these unconscionable acts by referring to the conflict as "a fight between the children of light and the children of darkness" is nothing more than hubris, to say nothing of chutzpah.

Tom Pontac

Seal Beach

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