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From the set of 'ER'

March 29, 2009

"In football they say, 'Don't leave anything on the floor.' I don't feel we've left anything."

-- David Zabel

(Writer, executive producer,

Seasons 8-15, wrote 43 episodes)


"I would be sadder if it was limping toward the finish. But it's nice that it will have its time and place and it's so highly regarded."

-- Rod Holcomb

(Director, pilot and series finale)


"It's difficult to invest as much energy, time and passion and then not be on it but still be accountable to it. In some ways, I've been waiting for this. And in others, it's the closing of a really beautiful chapter in my life, so I feel melancholy."

For The Record
Los Angeles Times Sunday, April 05, 2009 Home Edition Sunday Calendar Part D Page 2 Calendar Desk 1 inches; 56 words Type of Material: Correction
"ER": A package of stories about "ER" coming to a close said that Parminder Nagra joined the show in Season 9; she started in Season 10. And the story "The Doctor Is In . . . Bed With One" misidentified the first name of a character played by Sharif Atkins. It was Michael Gallant, not Marshall.

-- Noah Wyle

(Dr. John Carter, Seasons 1-11,

12 and 15; 254 episodes)


"It's going to be strange not seeing these guys every day. I've been spoiled here."

-- Parminder Nagra

(Dr. Neela Rasgotra,

Seasons 9-15)


"I had downloaded the theme to 'ER' before I was on the show and I used to jog and pretend I was in the opening credits."

-- Scott Grimes

(Dr. Archie Morris, Seasons 10-15)


I wasn't gonna be sad. But now I'm looking at 15 years of my life. I'm saying my thank-yous quietly, my so-longs and see-you-laters. Not goodbye."

-- Yvette Freeman

(Nurse Haleh, Seasons 1-15)


"Being on this show has changed my life. It's given me respect in the business. People look at me like I'm a totally different actor."

-- John Stamos

(Dr. Tony Gates, Seasons 11-15)


"It's amazing to go everywhere in the world and have people recognize you and be nice and appreciative of your work."

-- Abraham Benrubi

(Jerry Markovic, Seasons 1-5, 8-12, 14-15)


"It's been great to be part of something that has such a rich legacy and go down in TV history and have a small part in it."

-- Angela Bassett

(Dr. Cate Banfield, Season 15)


"This is a show about saving and helping people, about sacrifice and working hard. We have worked very hard to do that right."

-- Troy Evans

(Frank Martin,

pilot and Seasons 6-15)


"It's very cliche to say it's a family here, but it's very genuine here, and I will miss it incredibly."

-- David Lyons

(Dr. Simon Brenner, Seasons 14-15)


"The mandate from Rod on the pilot was be seen but not noticed. I think I got a PhD in being seen and not noticed."

-- Mary Heiss

(Nurse Mary,

Seasons 1-15, background)


-- Compiled by Maria Elena Fernandez

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