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Little Rock's Southern charm

March 29, 2009

I enjoyed Whitney Friedlander's piece on Little Rock, Ark. ["Little Rock Is on a Roll," March 22]. My husband and I moved to Little Rock from L.A. two years ago. We bought an old Victorian in the Quapaw Quarter and very much enjoy the community. I enjoyed L.A. as well, but there's nothing like the traffic on the 405 to make you appreciate Little Rock.

Patty Miller-Marshall

Little Rock, Ark.


Thank you so much for Whitney Friedlander's article about Little Rock. I am another Arkie ex-pat here in Los Angeles, and I appreciated reading about the places I know and love.

I will be visiting home in a few months and am looking forward to a pint at Vino's and walking on the Junction Bridge for the first time. Don't give away too many good things about our hometown though -- you'll make everyone want to move there.

Mariah Johnson

Los Angeles

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