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Mrs. Butterworth's first name is . . .

May 09, 2009|Nathan Olivarez-Giles

Since Mrs. Butterworth arrived on the syrup scene in 1961, her first name has been kept a bit of a secret. But if you can guess just what that first name is, there might be something in it for you from the talking bottle herself.

"Mrs. Butterworth has always had a first name, but it's been passed down over the years to various managers, and none of the adults around here thought to use it until an employee's son asked what it was," said Allison Meyer, associate brand manager for syrups at Pinnacle Foods Group, the company that makes Mrs. Butterworth's.

"She only talks to kids, so it makes sense that a kid would finally be the one to ask what her first name is."

Inspired by the boy's question, the marketing department at Pinnacle Foods thought a guess-her-name contest would be a good way to reveal her name to the public, Meyer said. And to get a drizzle of promotion on top.

Submissions for the contest require a guess at her first name and an explanation of why that name came to mind.

The winning entry will be posted on, and the winner will receive $500 and a case of Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup.

The contest runs through July 17, and a winner will be selected shortly thereafter. People of all ages can enter the contest, but those under 13 should submit an entry only with a parent's permission.

Entries can be submitted by mail or online.


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