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Gay rights and the ballot

May 10, 2009

Re "Voters likely to revisit gay marriage," May 7

Why are we even having this debate about when civil rights should be put on the ballot again?

Civil rights, especially of a minority, should not be up for popular vote. Period.

The Supreme Court should do its job and throw out Proposition 8 and any future ballot measures that attempt to deny the civil rights of any class of Americans.

Come on, Supreme Court. Commit to a legacy of fairness and do the right thing.

Dave Hoen

Santa Ana


Frank Schubert, consultant for the Yes on 8 campaign, should understand that people have a right to their voice in the ballot box.

Yes, marriage equality has been defeated twice in the last eight years, but the margin has become narrow since the two campaigns. However, social conservatives have been defeated on parental notification on abortion in California three times with propositions.

It does not seem rational that Schubert asks, "What part of 'no' don't they understand?" about putting marriage equality on the ballot when the parental notification people still carry on.

Matt Munson


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