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Kids' Book Reviews

November 01, 2009

"The Adventures of Ulysses"

Bernard Evslin

Ulysses is a Greek sea captain and hero. This is one of his adventures.

The Greeks are out of food and land on a place called Lotus Land. The Greek god of sleep, Morpheus, plants the lotus flowers for the natives by mixing bright colors into dreams. When Ulysses and his men land, they are so tired they fall asleep and the natives put flowers around them. When they awake the men eat them. Morpheus checks on their dreams. The men's dreams are of war and death. He changes their dreams to thoughts of home. He then sees Ulysses' dreams. His dreams are of many deaths, shipwrecks and wickedness. He decides not to change Ulysses' dreams because that is his destiny. When Ulysses awakes, he picks up his men, and they sail off to their next adventure.

Reviewed by Jackson, 11

Jefferson Middle School

Albuquerque, N.M.


"Thunder Cake"

Patricia Polacco

Are you scared of thunder? Then this is a story for you. A child is scared of mean old Nellie Peck Hen, old Kick Cow and thunder. Grandma makes the child a thunder cake. What is a thunder cake? Does it make the child get over her fear? Read the book and find out.

Reviewed by Randy, 2nd grade

Helmers Elementary



"My Secret Unicorn: Dreams Come True"

Linda Chapman

Lauren's pony Twilight helps Lauren's new neighbor's pony Shadow. Shadow won't jump! Can Lauren and Twilight help Shadow jump? Read the book and find out.

Reviewed by Christina, 3rd grade

Hugo Reid Elementary



"The Phantom Tollbooth"

Norton Juster

Milo comes home one day to find a magical tollbooth. He goes into the tollbooth and winds up in Wisdom. There he teams up with two friends, Tock the watchdog and Humbug. They must rescue two princesses, Rhyme and Reason. There are many obstacles like demons and strange lands. Finally, they come to Rhyme and Reason's castle where they are blocked by a monster. To find out more, read the book!

Reviewed by Lily, 10

Ivanhoe Elementary

Los Angeles

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