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Deportation battle

November 01, 2009

Re "Struggling Iraq vet may lose his anchor," Oct. 26

Our government is seeking to deport Frances Barrios, the wife of an American serviceman, because she was brought to this country illegally at the age of 6.

That is far below the age when she could be held responsible for breaking a law.

If anything, her present situation makes her a victim of her parents' long-ago illegal act.

Alexander Auerbach

Sherman Oaks

Your article about the Iraq veteran's wife who may be deported should be required reading for all the right-wing radio and TV pundits who are always ranting about "anchor babies."

It should be quite obvious from this story that American-born children are no guarantee against being deported.

Alex Magdaleno



The sooner we start enforcing our immigration laws, the sooner these types of stories will go away. And when we stop the wars, we'll have fewer injured servicemen.

Rodney Smart



Veteran Jack Barrios' wife, Frances, isn't from Guatemala. With all she is giving to one of our wounded warriors, I think she must be from heaven.

Where's the sanctity of marriage and family values now? This is a despicable abuse of deportation, time and power.

Susan Rae Rouse

Dana Point

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