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Dennis Rodman rules on Kobe Bryant-LeBron James debate

On the 'Judge Jeanine Pirro' television show, the colorful former NBA player says Bryant is better.

November 01, 2009|Mike Penner

Like almost everyone who has ever appeared in or watched an NBA game, Dennis Rodman has an opinion in the Kobe Bryant-LeBron James "who's better?" debate.

He just picked an unusual forum to voice it: the "Judge Jeanine Pirro" syndicated courtroom television show.

During Monday's upcoming show, Rodman sues a friend/assistant for allegedly gambling away $4,000 of Rodman's money in an Atlantic City, N.J., casino. And he was asked the obvious question: Kobe or LeBron?

"That's an easy question," Rodman says. "LeBron, he's more of a power forward. Kobe . . . has basically grown into his skills. I think Kobe has [become] a Michael Jordan of this era because he's very smart, and he knows how to score.

"LeBron is more like. 'Here I come, watch out!' I think LeBron right now is more like a kid, like a freight train. Kobe is better."

For the record, Judge Pirro found Rodman to be a "very deep, very sensitive human being" who is trying "to be a bad boy, but there's a good boy in there."

Trivia time

How many times was Rodman chosen NBA defensive player of the year?

Playing to the crowd

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Pedro Martinez takes more abuse at Yankee Stadium than most visiting players, and he says that is fine with him.

"I have all the respect in the world for the way they enjoy being fans," Martinez told the Washington Post. "Sometimes they might be giving you the middle finger, just like they will be cursing you and telling you what color underwear you're wearing. I don't have any problem with that."

Broken record

Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times envisions this scenario when Mark McGwire goes to work in 2010:

"Those postgame interviews with new Cardinals hitting coach Mark McGwire ought to be riveting.

"Q: So, what sort of plate adjustments did Rick Ankiel make tonight?

"A: I'm not here to talk about the past."

Famous last words

From JaMarcus Russell, struggling quarterback for the struggling Oakland Raiders: "We still have a lot of football to go. Just clean up some things within ourselves. It's going to be OK, I promise.

"Just take my word. . . . Just take my word that things are going to get better. I can't tell you when, but I know they are."

With Russell, who is completing less than 47% of his passes, it can't possibly get worse. Can it?

Trivia answer

Twice, in 1990 and 1991.

And finally

From Conan O'Brien, after a presidential golf outing included a female advisor for the first time: "Or as Fox News reported it, 'Obama plays a round with another woman.' "


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