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November 03, 2009

Re "Clinton gets blunt with Pakistanis," Oct. 30, and "It's not just our war," Editorial, Oct. 30

I'm no fan of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, but she deserves praise for speaking what U.S. spokesmen have not said publicly: If Osama bin Laden is in Pakistan, the government there is not doing enough to help find him and bring him to justice.

Brava, Madam Secretary.

Tracy Leverton

Vienna, Va.


While I agree with much of the editorial, the statement "the United States is aiding the Pakistan military with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons" is so sad. If we are aiding them, who are we hurting?

Imagine if we had used this money years ago to help Pakistan and other nations develop, as opposed to allowing them to languish and turning into what we glibly call Third World countries.

There is only one world. Fortunately, President Obama appears to realize that.

William Brady


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