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State's hand in our wallets

November 03, 2009

Re "State to take a bigger bite of paychecks," Oct. 31

I agree with our state government's proposal to borrow money from its taxpayers to meet our fiscal crisis.

However, as a lender, I reserve the rights assumed by the banks that lend me money to set all of the conditions of the loan -- the interest rate, fees, penalties and terms under which I will cut off the state's credit.

Within this lopsided economy, I much prefer to be a lender than a taxpayer.

Nick Fotheringham

Thousand Oaks


Our leaders in Washington pour billions of borrowed dollars into the economy to try to encourage more buying and spending; they stimulate the economy to help recover from the present recession. It makes good sense.

Please tell me: How does our state leaders' decision to withhold more dollars from workers' paychecks help to stimulate the economy?

Can't they find ways to run the state government and solve problems without taking more and more dollars away from the citizens?

Is Sacramento trying to scuttle the U.S. economic stimulus plan?

George Epstein

Los Angeles

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