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Fair game in politics

November 04, 2009

Re "The Nuñez lesson," Editorial, Oct. 29, and "Ethics board clears Nuñez," Oct. 28

The decision by the Fair Political Practices Commission makes clear two important things:

We need a new Fair Political Practices Commission, and we need new ethics laws.

Thank you for your article.

Joe Martin

Long Beach


It's unfortunate that The Times didn't learn anything itself -- such as minimizing sensationalism on its pages -- from the Fair Political Practices Commission's findings that former Speaker Fabian Nunez complied fully with state law in reporting campaign contributions.

As the commission determined, every penny of the expenditures served a specific legislative, governmental or public purpose.

None of the money was from taxpayers, and none of these funds was for personal "lifestyle" use.

The speaker never forgot who put him in office, not for a minute. Fortunately, his record of securing an increase in California's minimum wage, helping pass the most sweeping greenhouse gas emissions bill in our nation and securing financial aid for low-income students will withstand the test of time longer than drive-by media reporting on what the commission determined were proper and legal expenses.

Steven Maviglio


The writer was deputy chief of staff to former Speaker Fabian Nunez.

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