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Missing a fresh voice

November 05, 2009

Re "4 new rivals, same old ideas," Opinion, Nov. 3

I absolutely agree with Jerry Roberts' and Phil Trounstine's assessment of the candidates for the upcoming governor's race.

As a young Democratic voter, I looked forward to casting my vote for Gavin Newsom. What California needs right now is a leader with a fresh voice that speaks to the younger generation. Newsom was that voice, and he could've brought out a seemingly unattainable younger vote. He proved his commitment to us as mayor of San Francisco, and many of us anticipated his continuing with the same fervor in the governor's seat.

California was once the state that advanced the boundaries of social reform, law and convention, but somehow that progress has stalled. Now, with Newsom's unfortunate withdrawal, it appears we'll be receiving more of the same instead of a well-deserved change.

Raymond Walden



Re "Donors flock to Brown's charities," Nov. 3

I am a supporter of state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, and hope he runs successfully for governor. But I think he is swimming in dangerous waters as he raises funds for his favorite charities.

I think he acts with genuine concern for children who get left behind because of the underfunding of California schools. "Are we going to let these kids just rot?" he asks.

But I ask: Will he be able to objectively address the next petition from a gambling hall knowing that a denial could lead to more kids "rotting," as funds are potentially withdrawn from a program that has become dependent on this private funding?

We will all be better served if Brown, as governor, attends to the root of the problem -- inefficient and underfunded schools.

Richard Harris

Signal Hill


Re "Candidate is sparing no expense," Nov. 4

Meg Whitman boasts that she plans to spend up to $150 million to get her message across in her race for California's governorship.

Meg, I hate to tell you, but if you spend that kind of money, the only message that you'll get across is that you think you can buy my vote. Better think again.

Edward A. Ruttenberg

Rancho Palos Verdes

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