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This great place called California

November 05, 2009

Re "The California Fix: A deficit of rationality," and "The California Fix: The Golden State isn't worth it," Opinion, Nov. 1

Rebecca Solnit is a classic left-wing redistributionist. According to her, California would have plenty of everything if only it weren't for those small-minded farmers, selfish millionaires and greedy corporations.

Solnit has no idea how to create wealth, only how to spread it around. If California ever gets into the hands of Solnit and her ilk, it will be a place where everyone is equal -- equally poor, equally hungry, equally devastated.

Len Lamensdorf

Westlake Village


William Voegeli's assertion that the benefits of living in California aren't worth the high cost, especially when compared with other states like Texas, misses the mark. I firmly believe that quality of life is very different than standard of living -- but often confused by so many.

Our state has many problems that need fixing, true. But having regrettably lived in Texas at one time for over 10 years and (finally) making it to California, I can honestly attest that I would rather live in a tent in California than anywhere in Texas.

We don't have something that Texas is abundant in: Texans.

Robert Pousman


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