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Anger over rental bias

November 06, 2009

Re "Sterlings will settle rental bias case for $2.7 million," Nov. 4

Kudos to The Times for reporting on Donald T. Sterling's legal troubles. It should be common knowledge to readers that Sterling runs numerous advertisements in the newspaper touting his humanitarianism. This smacks of damage control.

And shame on the many groups, such as the NAACP, that honor Sterling in light of his discriminatory practices as a landlord. Monetary donations should play no part in reputation rehabilitation.

Richard Baker



Sterling settles a case with black and Latino families who say he discriminated against them in the rental of his Los Angeles apartments.

Sterling owns the Los Angeles Clippers. The vast majority of the Clippers players are black. Will they refuse to play on Sterling's team? Will they insist he sell it?

Rush Limbaugh was prevented from owning an NFL team because of remarks he made. Mind you, he never was accused of anything remotely resembling Sterling's alleged offenses.

Where is the outrage from the usual suspects -- people such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who spoke out against Limbaugh's bid for a football team? Hypocrisy is alive and well in America.

James Rangno

Westlake Village

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