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Some love for Lopez

November 07, 2009

Re "A stop at the med pot doc," Column, Oct. 28, and "Can he get to first base?" Column, Nov. 1

On Wednesday, Steve Lopez related his experiences of visiting a medical marijuana doctor, describing receiving a recommendation to purchase marijuana from a legal dispensary. At the end of the article, he indicated that he was on his way to visit some such legal dispensary, telling readers to "check back here Sunday."

Well, on Sunday I checked back -- only to find that Steve had written a long, rambling, open love letter to Jamie McCourt.

So, what happened? Was McCourt on the television set at the dispensary while he was visiting? Is this the real reason he is leaving his wife and moving in with Jamie?

Brian Bard



What a great story about Jamie McCourt. Maybe Lopez could have his violinist friend supply the music for her sob story. It's time to rename Dodgertown as Cougartown.

Paraphrasing Marie Antoinette: "Let them eat Dodger dogs."

Patricia Thomson

Cheviot Hills


Loved, loved, loved Lopez's column. This was the best satire I have read since "Gulliver's Travels."

Sandra Kelemen

Palm Desert

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