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Healthcare and business leaders

November 08, 2009

Re: David Lazarus' consumer column "Business leaders' healthcare stand takes chutzpah," Nov. 1:

Evidently Lazarus believes that corporations don't need profits to provide jobs, maintain bank relations, afford inventory, satisfy shareholders and pay taxes to fund local, state and federal governments.

Business leaders face these challenges daily and should be the ones we look to for advice on how healthcare relates to business. If you don't want to hear from them, then at the very least don't support laws that require them to provide this service at their cost.

Jake Clark

Redondo Beach


How can corporations continue to downsize employees and then lobby against a public option? This is the ultimate chutzpah. The statistics of job losses are staggering, and I understand the companies must be profitable to survive.

But what about the newly created jobless who have lost their insurance benefits? What kind of country do we want to live in?

Barry M. Spector

Santa Barbara

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