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A 'Sherlock' for today's audience

November 08, 2009

Regarding Rachel Abramowitz's piece ["Demystifying Sherlock Holmes," Nov. 1]

Perhaps Lionel Wigram's version of Sherlock Holmes has nothing to do with his "discovery," or his interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective, but more to do with generating an interest for his film by modernizing it with a formulaic, manipulative and cliche script, with an emphasis on physicality rather than intellectuality.

After all, this is what interests the puerile public of today.

Robert Downey Jr. is certainly miscast as the cerebral Holmes, but does it really matter, because how many young people have actually read a Doyle detective story?

It is hoped, however, that Guy Ritchie will somehow galvanize the public into an interest in his film, or perhaps a disinterest, should his reputation precede the film's release.

Giuseppe Mirelli

Los Angeles

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