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Kids' Book Reviews

November 08, 2009

"The Mystery of the Missing Tooth"

William H. Hooks

Kara was sad. She did not smile like everyone. Everyone else had a cool gap in their mouths. At show and tell, everybody showed what the tooth fairy brought them. Sue said she got a book. Jim got money. Tanya got Markers. Kara told about her baby brother. She said he had no teeth at all. She checked her teeth. Nothing wiggled. She thought maybe the tooth fairy forgot her. Kara ran in a sack race and then her tooth was gone. Everyone helped her look for it. What will happen next?

Reviewed by Michaela, 7

Charnock Road School Los Angeles


"Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure"

Georgia Byng

Molly Moon finds a book about hypnotism and learns to use it. Molly eventually learns to stop time. Will that be enough to stop her greatest nemesis?

She gets kidnapped and is transported back in time with a younger version of herself. She then comes face to face with her worst enemy yet. She learns to time travel using a certain kind of crystals. She must use all her skills to save herself. Will she survive? Read the book and find out!

Reviewed by Kyle, 5th grade

Monterey Hills Elementary South Pasadena


"Helen Keller"

Margaret Davidson

This story contains some sad things and some happy things about a little fighter who was blind and deaf. Her name was Helen Keller. As a baby, Helen was fine. But one day, Helen got scarlet fever. Then her mother found that she was both blind and deaf. Will Helen get though this? What will her parents do about it?

Reviewed by Savannah, 8

Glenoaks Elementary Glendale


"The Gooey Chewy Contest"

Howard Goldsmith

All the kids sign up for a bubble blowing contest. The contest was the idea of a kid named Gabi. He wanted to blow the biggest bubble in the world. Does he blow the biggest bubble ever? You will have to read the book to find out.

Reviewed by Simon, 9

Horace Mann Elementary Glendale

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