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Dream or nightmare?

November 08, 2009

Re "Betraying the California dream," Opinion, Nov. 4

On behalf of California, its citizens and especially its children, I wish to thank Jeff Bleich for his exceptional Op-Ed article. How sad a future we all face here if our leaders cannot gather the courage to reverse the current course.

Until recently, my chief concern had been whether I would be able to afford to send my two young children to the University of California, given the escalating tuition and room and board. Lately this concern has been overwhelmed by another: Will I even want to send my children to a UC campus?

If the funding cuts to the Cal State and UC systems continue, it will be impossible to attract bright young professors to academic posts and to retain the talented minds that have made these institutions great -- and sowed the seeds of a successful and cutting-edge state economy.

Let us hope that politicians and citizens will heed Bleich's words in time to avert a California nightmare. Or are we there already?

Sarah D. Moyed



I have espoused Bleich's argument for years.

It is so much easier to manipulate an uneducated public than it is to fool one that is informed. The dumbing- down of our populace has had a dramatic affect on our country -- greatly contributing to our current political polarities, the gerrymandering of our political districts by both parties and the gutting of America's middle class.

I'd love to be optimistic, but I honestly can't foresee any force capable of turning this ship around.

Surely, there must be more that we can do besides talking about it, as Bleich suggests.

William Stout


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