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Our money down the drain

November 09, 2009

Re "Malibu residents unhappy over sewer plan price tag," Nov. 3

I've always thought that the residents of the Malibu area were an exclusive bunch. I did not realize that they live on another planet.

According to one resident of "an enclave of multimillion-dollar homes off curving Malibu Canyon Road:" "It's like living in a Third World country not to have sewers. But nobody wants to pay that sort of exorbitant fee. If we need a sewer system, you expect the government to provide that service."

Does this gentleman want the rest of us to provide sewers for his multimillion-dollar home? Does he not realize that the rest of us are still paying for our sewers, which were put in place by housing developers who added the cost to the sale price of our homes? In addition, my property tax bill includes a charge to pay for treatment of my effluent sewage for one year.

You might expect the government to provide your sewer service, but such service must be paid for by those who directly benefit. The rest of us also want you to stop contaminating our ocean with your leaking septic systems.

Michael D. Wiley

Oak Park

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