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Two-minute Drill

November 09, 2009|Houston Mitchell

Arizona 41, at Chicago 21: It turns out Jay Cutler isn't the second coming of Jim McMahon, but the second coming of Bob Avellini.

at Atlanta 31, Washington 17: Redskins were so excited about healthcare news over the weekend that they couldn't concentrate.

at Cincinnati 17, Baltimore 7: The days of Kyle Boller aren't looking too bad in Baltimore about now.

at Indianapolis 20, Houston 17: Jim Caldwell is first rookie coach to go 8-0 since Potsy Clark in 1931. We'll avoid obvious "Sit on it, Potsy" joke.

at Jacksonville 24, Kansas City 21: Little-known fact: Out of uniform, Maurice Jones-Drew is 4 feet tall and weighs 82 pounds.

at New England 27, Miami 17: Patriots' defense to Dolphins' offense: "That wildcat is such a cute kitty. Can we declaw it?"

at Tampa Bay 38, Green Bay 28: Buccaneers wear jerseys honoring Lee Roy Selmon and the 1979 team, then bungle it by actually winning.

at New Orleans 30, Carolina 20: Saints rally because they want to make this season's playoff failure particularly painful for their fans.

at Seattle 32, Detroit 20: Lions haven't won on road in 25 months, which means Octomom's babies have yet to savor a Detroit road victory.

San Diego 21, at N.Y. Giants 20: Giants graciously lost on purpose so that all the glory would go to the Yankees again this week.

Tennessee 34, at San Francisco 27: Fans in Nashville are wondering if the Titans will run the table and make the playoffs. No.

Dallas 20, at Philadelphia 16: Cowboys announce they've challenged 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team for title of "America's Team."

Open date: Buffalo, Cleveland, Minnesota, N.Y. Jets, Oakland, St. Louis

-- Houston Mitchell

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