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Who wrecked our economy?

November 12, 2009

Re "Jobs must be Job 1," Opinion, Nov. 7

Tim Rutten is exactly right. During the last few years, our major banks and financial institutions have failed most of us. They garnered huge profits from selling pure schlock, then brought our economic system to its knees.

We watched while the Bush-Paulson and Obama-Geithner economic teams fed hundreds of billions of bailout dollars to the very institutions -- big banks, financial firms and insurance companies -- that brought us this financial nightmare.

Now we watch as our politicians tell us there is no money left to help average Americans who are struggling to keep or find jobs, keep their homes and hold together families and communities that are being torn apart.

If the richest nation in the world cannot invest now in creating millions of jobs, then it is because our leaders have failed us.

Gary Peters

Paso Robles


In his article, Rutten states that the Democrats should heed the warning of independent voters in New Jersey and Virginia that jobs and the economy are the top reasons they voted Republican.

Voters of all stripes must understand that our current economic woes go way beyond partisan politics. Our country's shift from creditor nation to debtor nation, and the commensurate transfer of jobs overseas, began with the Reagan administration and has continued unabated under both Republicans and Democrats, all of whom are supported by corporate money. Until we stop pointing fingers at either political party and realize that our problems are systemic and are the direct result of corporate campaign contributions and the policies those corporations dictate to those they keep in office, we don't stand a chance of turning this thing around.

Matt Giorgi


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