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The juice question

November 14, 2009

Re "Nutrition experts see juice glass as half empty," Nov. 8

Your article on juice was provocative but sensationalist.

We know a drink such as orange juice has sugar and calories. But it also has vitamins and minerals, which soft drinks lack. The container of fortified orange juice in my refrigerator lists healthy double-digit daily value percentages per 8 oz. serving -- 120% of the recommended vitamin C, 35% calcium, 25% vitamin D and so on.

If you are going to publish a chart comparing soft drinks and juices, next time please add information about vitamins and minerals in addition to data on calories and sugar.

The exclusion of these considerable benefits is irresponsible and dishonest. As with most things in life, moderation is usually the prudent course.

What you should have communicated was that we should seek a diverse mix of food and drinks to optimize our health.

Calvin Naito

Los Angeles


I am a registered dietitian. I work in a school district providing nutrition education to K-8 students.

Demonizing specific foods or beverages will make zero impact on improving lifestyle food choices. Calories are calories, whether they come from soda, fruit juice, other beverages or food.

Let's look at the whole diet and the amount of physical activity done daily before the finger-pointing begins (again).

Carol Sloan

Long Beach

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