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Elephant walk

November 14, 2009

Re "Africa's treasure, Africans' menace," Column One, Nov. 7

Wonderful and illuminating article on the battle between man and animals -- not unlike what residents of my neighborhood of Topanga go through with coyotes, deer and mountain lions. We have invaded their territory and must find ways to peacefully coexist without stopping their passage and access to water and food.

Nowhere in this article does The Times refer to the 1954 movie "Elephant Walk" with Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Finch, where Finch's magnificent estate was built on an elephant corridor and eventually the majestic animals trampled everything in their path.

Carole Merritt



More elephant attacks in Zambia, more bears in backyards, ever-greater hurricane casualties? All point to the same conclusion: There are too many of us.

Instead, as in antiquity, we blame animals and the weather.

Peter Yates

Culver City

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