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Ex-HP chief's run for Senate

November 15, 2009

Re: Michael Hiltzik's business column "Fiorina's uninspiring product launch," Nov. 5:

Ruthlessness, dishonesty, complete lack of empathy and total narcissism are traits that allow CEOs to rise to the top of the corporate ladder. But it is not a combination that makes an effective public servant.

Those qualities did not even translate into success for former Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Carly Fiorina, now running for the U.S. Senate. Her reign at HP was a disaster, and she's been pointing fingers ever since. Just what competencies does she have that would enable her to represent the state of California?

Melissa Verdugo

Rancho Palos Verdes


Michael Hiltzik assesses Carly Fiorina's ill-advised Senate candidacy accurately and points out her shortcomings for any elective office.

I cannot fathom how two multimillionaire-to-billionaire women such as Fiorina -- and former EBay Chief Executive Meg Whitman, who would be queen as governor of California -- have the gall to run for elective office even though they so disdain our democratic republic voting system by rarely voting themselves. It is pathetic that these two are what the Republicans can offer us.

Ellen Lubic

Thousand Oaks


I was just wondering whether out of a sense of fairness Michael Hiltzik will also write an informative column on Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer's lengthy service in Congress. Her voting record rarely, if ever, deviates from radical left political orthodoxy and is extremely anti-business, to say the least.

With unemployment over 10% and rising, we could sure use some new leadership in Washington. Sen. Boxer is part of the problem, not the answer.

Geoffrey C. Church

Los Angeles

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