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KIDS' BOOK REVIEWS : SpongeBob's class project

November 15, 2009

"New Student Starfish"

Jenny Miglis

SpongeBob is a silly yellow sponge. Patrick is a pink star. Bob and Patrick get into a fight. Then they go to detention. They have a class pet in school. The light to keep the egg warm breaks. What will happen to the sponge and the pink star and the class pet?

Reviewed by Tiffany, 8

Welby Way Magnet

West Hills


"It Came Through the Wall"

Tim Healy

A boy is scared because he sees a hairy hand coming at him. And then he peeks and sees that it is a monster. But it isn't going to eat him, it is a kind monster.

The monster just wants to play around.

The next night, the monster gives out a wild call while the boy is brushing his teeth. The monster gives the boy a glittering light so he will remember him. What happens next is the best part.

Reviewed by Frank, 9

Horace Mann Elementary



"The Pirate and the Princess: The Time Light Stone"

Mio Chizuru

A princess gets captured by a black ship. But then another ship, the Eurastia, saves her. A girl named Yuri is the captain of that ship. She has something in common with the princess. What is it?

I think this book is really great. You should read it.

Reviewed by Alexis, 7

Coeur d'Alene



"Milton Hershey: Chocolate King, Town Builder"

Charnan Simon

Milton Hershey created the Hershey Company and became famous for making chocolate. Milton had been dreaming of making chocolate all his life. He tried many times to create a successful company, but kept on failing. But Milton was stubborn and continued to set up companies. It took time. Finally, Hershey succeeded. To find out more about Hershey's success, read this book. I recommend this book to third and fourth grade chocolate freaks.

Reviewed by Nathan, 10

R. D. White Elementary


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