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California Lottery Results

November 15, 2009

For Friday, Nov. 13, 2009Mega MillionsMega number is bold27-43-45-49-54--Mega 44

Jackpot: $12 millionCalifornia winners per category:No. of


of prize(s)5 + Mega0------50------4 + Mega3$12,9174140$1843 + Mega152$19337,467$82 + Mega2,447$121 + Mega15,613$3Mega only30,983$2Winning jackpot ticket(s) sold in other states: noneFor Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009Super Lotto PlusMega number is bold15-33-37-38-47--Mega 16

Jackpot: $20 millionFantasy Five: 12-23-30-37-39Daily Four: 4-6-9-7Daily Three (midday): 3-0-6Daily Three (evening): 6-3-6Daily Derby:

(6) Whirl Win

(10) Solid Gold

(12) Lucky Charms

Race time: 1:45.70Results on the Internet:

General information:

(800) 568-8379(Results not available at this number)

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