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Investigate ACORN

November 15, 2009

Re "The war on ACORN," Opinion, Oct. 22

This Op-Ed article is disconnected from reality in its intellectually dishonest arguments in favor of the Assn. of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.

Nowhere does Peter Dreier refer to the fact that he was an unpaid consultant to ACORN.

Also, Dreier's claim that the investigations into and accusations against ACORN of voter fraud are all part of a right-wing conspiracy is as cliched as it is disingenuous.

Should voters be forced to subsidize an organization that may be breaking the law? Of course not.

Should Congress in- vestigate an entity that receives millions in government grants and yet is accused of rampant and widespread fraud? Of course it should.

It might be tough for an academic in a cloistered community to understand the hard work required to make sure people's rights aren't trampled by those looking to game the system.

For those actually work- ing to make sure each American's right to engage in the process is preserved, ACORN is a bad actor.

We believe it deserves to be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Charles Bell


The writer is president of the Republican National Lawyers Assn.

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