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Health insurance headaches

November 19, 2009

Re "State health laws at risk," Nov. 16

I am glad to see an article on the damaging effects of interstate health insurance. GOP congressmen have insisted that allowing people to buy across state lines should take care of the high cost of insurance: People could "shop around."

These congressmen never point out that it's the insurance industry that would benefit most from this change. Delaware became the credit card corporate center of the U.S. because it allowed high interest rate charges. Why would insurance companies not locate where they were the least controlled by state regulations and so could make the highest profits?

Let the buyer -- and voter -- beware. The GOP does not put your interests first any more than corporations do.

David Eggenschwiler

Los Angeles


Re "Drug firms' deal is in play," Nov. 17

Two articles on the front page of Tuesday's Times talk about corruption.

Mexico calls it a war on drugs. The United States calls it the profits of pharmaceutical companies.

Leonard Fritsche

La Crescenta

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