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Steve Harvey's NFL Bottom 10

Cleveland versus Detroit: Terrible times two

November 19, 2009|By Steve Harvey

Cleveland (1-8) versus Detroit (1-8): They don't come any smaller than this.

But which team really is worse? Both cities are indulging in a little one-downmanship on that question.

Lions fans Gordon Miller and John Crick are marketing something for Detroit fans to wave: "The Official We ARE Terrible Towel" ($10 apiece). As the Detroit Free Press pointed out, the towels are white -- naturally.

But Cleveland has its backers. The Browns' sitcom was on national TV on Monday -- a 16-0 loss to Baltimore. The team's newly promoted starting quarterback, Brady Quinn, looked remarkably like the Brady Quinn who was benched after the first three games of the season.

The Browns are averaging 8.7 points a game. "You'll see more offense in a World Cup soccer qualifier," wrote's Brian VanOcten.

And just as much kicking. Cleveland and Baltimore combined for 16 punts Monday night.

Wreck, Record; Last Loss; Next Loss

1. Cleveland (1-8); 0-16, Baltimore; Detroit

2. Detroit (1-8); 10-27, Minnehaha; Cleveland

3. Oakland (2-7); 10-16, Kansas City; Cincinnati

4. Seattle (3-6); 20-31, Arizona; Minnehaha

5. Buffalo (3-6); 17-41, Tennessee; Jacksonville

6. St. Louis (1-8); 7. Grampa Bay (1-8); 8. Kansas City (2-7); 9. Chicago (4-5); 10. Washington (3-6).

Crummy game of the week: Cleveland (1-8) at Detroit (1-8).

Special citation: The Buffalo Bills have a streak of 14 straight games with less than 230 yards passing, the Buffalo News reported. Just the kind of team that Terrell Owens loves to play for.

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