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She's in the market for romance

November 20, 2009

Dear Amy: I have often heard that a great place to meet guys is at the grocery store.

Well, they were right.

I ran into a cute, interesting guy at my local grocery.

We struck up a conversation as we were weaving around the store.

I have to admit that I'm a little shy and not well versed in dating, so I didn't know how to extend this chance meeting into a date.

I feel I would be coming off as desperate by giving out my number to someone I just met. In addition, we both had frozen food in our carts, so it's not as if I could have invited him out for coffee.

Any suggestions as to how to handle this type of thing in the future?


Dear Unbagged: You need to rethink how you define "desperate."

Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction" is desperate.

Connecting with a cutie in the frozen-peas section is you being confident, awesome and assertive.

There are more cinematic ways of making this connection (dropping your produce and then accidentally bumping heads as he stoops to help you), but it's also fine to say, "It has really been fun talking to you -- let me give you my number in case you want to have coffee sometime over near the dairy case."

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