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November 22, 2009

Agrees to a Cage match

Chris Lee has persuaded me to give the new "Bad Lieutenant" movie a chance ["Taking the B-Movie to New Heights," Nov. 15]. As a devotee of the original "Bad Lieutenant," I wasn't merely reluctant to see this Nic Cage version, I was supremely annoyed. How dare anyone hijack the title of one of the most cringe-inducing movies ever made?

The day after I saw "Bad Lieutenant," I found myself sitting right next to Harvey Keitel in the Four Seasons hotel lounge. I couldn't resist telling him that I had just seen "Bad Lieutenant" and that he scared the daylights out of me. He got this huge shark-grin on, shook my hand and thanked me.

Susan Lee

Los Angeles

Feels part of the 'Community'

Regarding Jon Caramanica's "Monitor" column ["There's No Kinship Here," Nov. 15]. "The Office" is barely watchable anymore, and "30 Rock" has been beyond inconsistent. The first two episodes this season were awful, and even when the show is funny, it feels forced.

"Community," on the other hand, has been a breath of fresh air. It is the NBC Thursday comedy I look forward to the most and it rarely disappoints. So change your cranky-pants, Jon, take off your blinders, and join the community!

Elizabeth Eccher


Adam Lambert totally rocks

Thanks to Ann Powers for understanding and defining so clearly what Adam Lambert's "pull" is. ["Cool, Calm & Eclectic," Nov. 8].

I am 53 and proud to be a Lambert fan. Since the late '60s, I have seen almost all the rock bands out there, and Lambert is technically superior to many rock singers known as "great rock vocalists."

As Powers pointed out, he does not fit in the typical image of rock star; unshaven face, unkempt hair, T-shirt and jeans, into drugs and alcohol, etc. In fact, Lambert is totally opposite. I wish Lambert a great success and longevity in the music industry.

Yoshino Dunn


The way he sees topographics

Regarding Leah Ollman's piece on "New Topographics" ["Banality, in Black and White," Nov. 15]. I went to this show with high expectations; the simple purity of design and subject of the Robert Adams photo got me salivating and the teasers posted on the walk to LACMA'S Broad Contemporary wing kept raising my temperature the closer we got.

The show itself had a good amount of my favorite subjects, but it has only about a dozen photos that were really killers. Another big flaw was too many photos from the same shooting days.

If some discipline was shown in paring down the amount of photos by half, it would have been a small, but fairly satisfying show. I hope it opens doors to this subject for painters too.

Posted by: William Wray

From Culture Monster blog

Note taken of composer

I don't know much about the composer Richard Sherman, but I thought that Irene Lacher's article about him ["Helping in a Most Delightful Way," Nov. 8] was well-written and quite interesting, more so because her narrative was generous with detail.

Pam Bishop


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