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Dan Patrick's recommendation: Drop the 'C'

The radio host, seemingly exasperated over the Bowl Championship Series, throws out a challenge to the new BCS director.

November 25, 2009|By Mark Medina

He'd had enough.

After Dan Patrick heard new Bowl Championship Series Director Bill Hancock defend the BCS system last week on his radio show with the tired "bowl experience" argument, the radio host grew impatient and challenged Hancock to a bet.

The wager: If Boise State makes the national championship game, Patrick would forever praise the BCS on his show. But if the Broncos miss the title game despite an undefeated season, Hancock would have to institute a playoff system.

Too bad a handshake wasn't possible.

"I think I had a bad connection," Hancock said on the show. "I don't think I heard the last part."

Trivia question

When was the only time the Rose Bowl game was staged at a different venue?

Going green

Even if President Obama keeps his golf outings out of public view, the Wall Street Journal discovered there's no real secret to his game.

Interviews with on-course witnesses revealed his driving and putting aren't exactly on par with his jump shooting and dribbling. Advisor David Axelrod told the Journal that Obama's score was a matter of "national security."

And his swing?

Gene Mulak, a golf professional at Vineyard Golf Club in Martha's Vineyard, Mass., gave a fairly blunt assessment.

Said Mulak: "He would have had trouble getting out of any bunker in the country."

Going rogue

So much for thinking that Twitter provided an unfiltered outlet for athletes to communicate with fans.

The New York Jets said in a statement Tuesday that David Clowney's Twitter page was hacked by a "rogue tweeter," who posted expletive-laced messages to fans.

"Everybody this is David!!" the (apparently) real Clowney tweeted Tuesday. "I am so sorry, these comments ARE NOT me. If you recieve a @tweet/DM or anything from me please IGNORE THANK YOU."

Trivia answer

On Jan. 1, 1942, Oregon State played Duke in the 28th Rose Bowl at Duke's Wallace Wade Stadium in Durham, N.C. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, there were concerns an attack on the West Coast could be imminent.

And finally

Tom Van Riper of on why Notre Dame football Coach Charlie Weis should keep his job: "Buying out the remaining six years of Weis' 10-year deal would cost the university upward of $20 million, with no guarantee his successor would do any better. That's a tough call to make in the middle of a recession."

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