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NFL Bottom Ten

Cleveland Coach Eric Mangini accuses the Lions of dastardly actions, and he should be able to recognize sneaky tactics.

November 26, 2009|By Steve Harvey

After his team's 38-37 loss to Detroit, Cleveland Coach Eric Mangini accused the Lions of faking injuries to slow down the Browns' no-huddle offense.

"Perhaps Eric Mangini is faking being a head coach," a reader wrote to the (Cleveland) Plain Dealer. You'd think the reader wasn't proud that the Browns were No. 1 in the Bottom Ten.

As for Mangini's charges, an analysis of the game film found that Lions defensive players were granted injury timeouts six times -- and each time the injured player later returned to the game.

Could Detroit Coach Jim Schwartz be guilty of Mangini's dastardly accusations? Well, he did once work for New England's Bill (Spygate) Belichick. And Mangini should be able to recognize sneaky tactics. After all, he once worked for Belichick too.

Meanwhile, the No. 5 Denver Broncos, who were hailed earlier in the year as the worst 6-0 team in the NFL, are now 6-4 and heading in the direction of 6-10. Denver Coach Josh McDaniels was overheard yelling "We own you!" to some Chargers players before their game last Sunday. The Chargers then won, 32-3.

If McDaniels does own the Chargers, perhaps he can borrow some of their players for his next game.

N. Wreck (Record); Last Loss ; Next Loss

1. Cleveland (1-9); 37-38, Detroit; Cincinnati

2. St. Louis (1-9); 13-21, Arizona; Seattle

3. Grampa Bay (1-9); 7-38, New Orleans; Atlanta

4. Seattle (3-7); 9-35, Minnesota; St. Louis

5. Denver (6-4) ; 3-32, San Diego; N.J. Giants

6. Detroit (2-8); 7. Buffalo (3-7); 8. Chicago (4-6); 9. Washington (3-7); 10. Oakland (3-7).

Rout of the week: Cincinnati (7-3) over Cleveland (1-9).

Crummy game of the week: Seattle (3-7) at St. Louis (1-9).

Fantasy flop of the week: Quarterback Mark Sanchez (Jets) completed eight of 21 passes for 136 yards and one touchdown with four interceptions.

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