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Daughter is rude, dad is fit to be tied

November 29, 2009

Dear Amy: I have been divorced for six years.

Almost two years ago, I introduced my now-19-year-old daughter to my fiancée and her 11-year-old son, and I hoped my daughter would treat them with respect. However, she is extremely disrespectful and rude toward them, but I am reluctant to push the issue.

My fiancée has told me that she feels like a second-class citizen and is questioning my commitment to our impending marriage. Help.

Feeling Torn

Dear Torn: Your fiancée feels like a second-class citizen because you are enabling your daughter to treat her like one.

A little frostiness at first might be forgivable, but if you intend to marry your fiancee, your daughter will have to come around, because to have a decent relationship with you, she will have to at least tolerate your wife and stepson.

You need to get over your reluctance to confront this issue with your daughter and lovingly bring down the hammer.

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