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Wi-Fi scale lets you transfer your weight

Data go to a personal Web page or iPhone. It can accommodate multiple users and also measure body mass.

October 02, 2009|David Colker

Here's maybe the best reason yet to make sure your Wi-Fi connection is secure from snoopers.

A French technology company called Withings has introduced the first bathroom scale with Wi-Fi capability. And if that wasn't enough, it also has an iPhone app.

All you do is step on the scale, and your weight shows up on a personal Web page (hopefully, that's secure too) or the phone screen, where you can compare it with past readings. You can even get a graphic showing weight loss -- or gain -- over time.

This could perhaps bring on a new wave of smashed computer screens, or broken iPhones from them being thrown across the room.

The WiFi Body Scale also measures body mass index and recognizes as many as eight users.

The price: $159.

In a news release, a Withings official says the company strives to make products "that make everyday life better."

Well, in this case, it would depend on the day.


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