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Polanski: villain or victim?

October 02, 2009

Re "Polanski backers lose sight of the real victim," Column, Sept. 30

I am in total disbelief that so many of our Hollywood stars are going out on a limb calling for Roman Polanski to be freed. That man was in his 40s, and the girl was 13; there is no excuse.

Eileen E. Padberg

Laguna Niguel


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Steve Lopez, for making the case plain and simple.

And shame on the Hollywood elitists who believe that Polanski has somehow been set up or has paid his dues for this "so-called" crime of rape and drug-pushing on a 13-year-old girl.

I am finding that Hollywood has a nasty habit of forgiving the most heinous of sins in the name of "art."

Amy Kramer

Laguna Beach


A high-five to Lopez for getting it right on the money.

This is about accountability and ensuring that there is not a different standard of justice for the rich and famous.

John Hanna

Santa Ana


Lopez's article -- based on researching the files at the district attorney's office -- is a sharp reminder of the importance of investigative journalism.

I am thankful that The Times still pays reporters to read old files in courthouses.

Ronald Soderquist

Thousand Oaks


Lopez is right on target about Polanski's supporters in Hollywood missing the script, "Polanski Should Do the Time for the Crime."

It is often appalling to hear from Hollywood celebrities about their skewed views on political and social topics. Their opinions are only heard because of their celebrity status -- clearly not for real wisdom or expertise.

Wayne Muramatsu



I'm glad Lopez is not in any position to hand down a sentence. Furthermore, the Woody Allen comment was a cheap shot.

There are only two people who know what happened that night, and they both are at peace with it.

Scott Matz

Los Angeles


Lopez manipulates his readers by revealing the girl's testimony, but does not disclose Polanski's version of the circumstances.

Polanski committed a crime and should be punished -- but let's not depict the victim as an innocent little girl.

There is no question that Polanski should receive the proper punishment, but let's not exaggerate the incident with misleading statements to establish a convincing justification for imprisonment.

Giuseppe Mirelli

Los Angeles


A spade is a spade, and Lopez called it.

Asking Polanski to face the consequences of his actions -- just like a non-celebrity -- is not persecution. It is justice.

Alan Boatman

Rancho Cucamonga


The mother of the girl with whom Polanski had relations made an enormously bad decision to allow her daughter to be in such circumstances.

The mother was the adult in the situation, and she made an unimaginable decision, because parents are typically quite protective.

Bob Ducibella

Santa Barbara


I wonder if those defenders of Polanski would still put their names on a petition to free him if his name were Father Polanski or Rabbi Polanski or Mr. Polanski, seventh-grade teacher?

Jane Fealy

Los Angeles


Let's not relay the lesson to our youth that to be a successful criminal, one only need move to Hollywood, win an Oscar, be able to afford to skip town and live comfortably in Europe, making movies.

Seth Clyde Hamilton Gold

Woodland Hills


As a family physician, I talk to many teenagers. They do not tell their parents or other adults everything honestly -- but usually say what they think the authority wants to hear. They continually rebel and test all authority.

Edward Gilbert



I am deeply shocked at your hypocritically moralistic reaction to the absurd case of Polanski's arrest.

I have lived in my beloved L.A. for 18 years, and I am very fond of the American people. But I also have to say that this is a revenge-obsessed society that, for example, puts young guys of 20 in prison for years for having had consensual sex with a girl of 16.

A country with prison sentences longer and harsher than other countries (explaining why it cannot solve its inhumane prison overcrowding) should not look for revenge on an acclaimed movie director who is an extraordinary talent, a decent human being and who has suffered enough in his own life.

And you should not support this with such damaging articles and opinions.

Liselotte Millauer

Los Angeles

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