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Giving life in death

October 03, 2009

Re "The loss that gives," Opinion, Sept. 28

Fifteen years ago, we were living in Naples, Italy, where my husband was teaching at a university.

We were shocked and saddened at that time to hear of the shooting death of a 7-year-old American boy, Nicholas Green, who was vacationing with his family near our area.

His smiling picture was in all the Italian newspapers, and his parents' decision to donate his organs to needy Italians was the talk of the country.

I have always hoped that his parents knew that a massive banner covering the width of a Naples-Rome autostrada bridge read, in huge black letters, NICHOLAS VIVE!!

His parents made much good come from his heartbreaking death -- including showing all of us the true meaning of courage and forgiveness.

Arlene Carlisle

Santa Barbara


I found this article heartbreaking and at the same time rewarding. There is a need for organ donations, and we all have to act.

Reg Green is pleading to the world to get involved, to be organ donors to the people dying or waiting for organ donations to extend their life.

The fact that the parents selflessly gave their son's organs to save members of seven families is proof enough that organ donation is a must.

The way to make a difference and save a life is to give after death.

Milorad Korac

Simi Valley

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