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Class of 2010

October 03, 2009

Pete Carroll was right when he said: "This team is an unfinished product." After watching three games (I don't count the scrimmage against San Jose State), I predict they'll be ready to play Trojans football by this time next year. At this point I'd be satisfied if they held their fumbles down to two a game with only 60 penalty yards by the time the Las Vegas Bowl rolls around.

Tom Turner

Dana Point


Pete Carroll and his team were not satisfied with defeating Washington State. "This is not stuff indicative of playing good football" he was quoted -- and agreed with -- by Bill Plaschke.

And in Florida, Tim Tebow and Gators' first-stringers were still in the game with a 24-point lead when he suffered an injury that could have ended a pro career before it ever started.

Whatever happened to good sportsmanship? Now it is expected that you run up the score and embarrass and humiliate your opponents. And what about the players who never get in a game after months of grueling practice?

It's all about ratings and more important bowl games and more money for winning schools.

How sad.

Don Gately



USC running back Stafon Johnson is seriously injured in a freakish accident. His Dorsey teammates rally to his side. Yes, even rival Bruins. Class, compassion and caring. Now that is A Better L.A. Stafon, maybe your mission in life is even greater than playing football. Get well and fight on!

Mark Larson

Newport Beach

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