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Cry for boxing

October 03, 2009

Bill Dwyre's Sept. 27 article about the Cris Arreola-Vitali Klitschko fight was very kind to Arreola, but not very honest.

It was painfully obvious that Arreola reached his level of incompetence.

Before: What did he do in training camp? Eat? Have you ever seen such a blubbery blob in a championship fight before? He looked like he was 25 pounds overweight.

During: He looked like a plodding street brawler with very few boxing skills. Footwork? Nada.

After: There's no crying in boxing! And when he went on television for an interview, he expressed himself in a much lower manner even than Mike Tyson ever did. The guy has no class.

Is that the state of the heavyweight division? Two brothers towering over all the rest? If Arreola represents the best of the contenders, there's nothing to watch.

Gary M. Barnbaum

Woodland Hills

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