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'Glee' is not sex ed

October 04, 2009

Regarding Mary McNamara's article on "Glee" (" 'Glee' Kids Talk About Sex. [Yep, So Do Real Teens]," Sept. 27)

As the parent of a high school girl who loved "Glee's" pilot episode and has been waiting for the series to actually start, I can relate to those who were somewhat surprised at the increased sexuality of the show since it returned in the fall.

I agree with much of what McNamara wrote in her article and would welcome a show I can watch with my daughter that features depictions of high school students who are "engaged in but still embarassed by and alarmingly clueless about sex" and that would maybe prompt us to have some frank discussions about the reality of sex.

Unfortunately I am still waiting for that show.

The only questions "Glee" has prompted from my daughter have been endearingly innocent questions about premature ejaculation and why not having a gag reflex as an adult female would be a good thing. These are not really the types of discussions I was anticipating.

I love the show (as does my daughter), but if I had to choose between a "realistic" musical show about high school that forces me to dance around explaining what a "deep throat" is and a network version of "High School Musical," I would choose the latter. I am still hoping "Glee" will eventually find a happy middle between those extremes.

Joseph Shannis

Woodland Hills

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