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Low End Theory: High-concept music

A new generation of experimental artists is using dazzling instrument technologies to create new genres of music at a club night in Lincoln Heights.

October 04, 2009|August Brown

Sales for each act are modest (for an artist like Nosaj Thing, monthly revenues are in the mid-four figures) but are growing annually. Of course that could easily change should one of them break into mainstream producing -- Ellison's woozy remixes of Radiohead's "Reckoner" and Kanye West's "Love Lockdown" suggest that is a real possibility.

Fundamentally, though, the LET scene is a democratic one. The musicians are all hoping to inspire listeners to one-up them with unheard-of sounds and blistering live sets. Moo, for one, thinks it's only a matter of time before someone shows them all what's coming next.

"There will be a kid who comes along in 10 years, who grew up coming to see Nosaj, Lotus and Glitch Mob," he said. "And that kid will be the new Dr. Dre."




A primer on Low End Theory

Many of the Low End Theory artists have extensive catalogs full of singles, collaborations, remixes and experiments that reward longtime fans but might intimidate new ones. Below is a list of starting points to discover the latest, and the most popular, work of each act.


Latest release: "Love to Make Music To," 2008 (Ninja Tune); also, as The Long Lost: "S/T," 2009 (Ninja Tune)

Essential singles: "Make It So," "Fair Weather Friends," "My Beau." For more, go to


Latest release: "L.A. E.P. 3x3," Warp Records, 2009

Essential singles: "Massage Situation," "Auntie's Harp," "Reckoner" (a remix of Radiohead). For more, go to


Latest release: Crush Mode (mixtape) 2009 (Glitch Mob Unlimited)

Essential singles: "Artsy Remix," (remix of the Grouch)," "The Red Dress" (a remix of TV on the Radio),""West Coast Rocks" (remix of Matty G). For more, go to


Latest release: "Drift," 2009 (Alpha Pup Records)

Essential singles: "Coat of Arms, " "IOIO," "Fog." For more, go to

-- August Brown

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