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'The Party'; 'Fairy Realm #6: The Unicorn'; 'Fables'; 'Princess for a Week'

October 04, 2009

"The Party"

David McPhail

This book is about a boy, his toy animals and his dad. The boy is planning a party with his toys, but his dad falls asleep. The boy decides to party anyway. So he and his toy animals jump on the sleeping dad. They tickle him. They take him to the kitchen on a toy elephant and feed him sandwiches. They take him back upstairs. It is not easy.

I like this book because it is funny and has great pictures.

Reviewed by Natalie, 7

Welby Way Magnet

West Hills


"Fairy Realm #6: The Unicorn"

Emily Rodda

Both worlds, the Fairy Realm and the Human, are in danger. Queen Helena of the Fairy Realm has gone on a mission. An evil enemy with her army from the Outlands is planning an attack on both worlds for revenge.

Jessie, a human girl, and her friends from the Realm must stop them. The only way to stop the enemy is with the help of the Unicorns. Will the Unicorns help Jessie? How will she stop the Outlanders? The only way to find out is to read the book.

Reviewed by Leonne, 10

Ivanhoe Elementary

Los Angeles



La Fontaine

This is a collection of stories about talking animals. My favorite one is about a fox and a stork who play tricks on each other. The fox invites the stork for dinner. The stork can't eat out of the shallow dish, but the fox can. Then the stork invites the fox for dinner and brings out two tall jars with narrow necks. Then the fox cannot eat. If you like what I wrote, then you should get "Fables."

Reviewed by Isaac, 12

Horace Mann Elementary



"Princess for a Week"

Betty Ren Wright

Did you ever have a kid visit you for a week? Well, a girl named Princess comes to live with Roddy for a week. And across the street from his house is a house that is haunted. Two people go into the house and never come out. So Princess is curious and goes inside to investigate. Does Princess survive? Or does she never come out?

Reviewed by Sahara, 10

Miller Elementary


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